Monkey Mind Battle

Trying to get back on the path to better health. Joined the gym a few months ago, and was on a good track. Started swimming laps and even getting a new road bike with plans of doing a Triathlon sprint. Then comes Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I got off schedule and ate way too much. It took everything I had this morning to convince myself to get up and go to the gym.

They say we have a lizard brain or monkey mind that controls our thoughts at the core, and my monkey mind is a smart, lazy little bastard. “You’ve been doing great! You work hard and deserve the extra sleep”, he says. “You can just work out twice as hard tomorrow to make up for it.” “You only live once so enjoy the food, drink, and sleep.” “Hey look at The Rock he has cheat days too.”

Great for The Rock, I need to work out harder first.

“Hey look at The Rock he has cheat days too.”

-monkey mind

This goes on back and forth for a good thirty minutes until I finally convince that little fucker that going to the gym is important for not only me but my family. To stay healthy and energized to be a better father, husband and entrepreneur.

So today Brant -1 vs Monkey Mind – 0 , but the battle continues…

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