Gravy Drives Sales on Facebook

I was hired by Speakeasy Cafe & Coffee to take some new food photography and some video so they could update their social media. The shot I made sure to get was a slow-motion pour of gravy over a biscuit sandwich. I decided to edit the clip as a short loop the client could use as a Facebook Ad or Instagram post. Suggesting the title “Do you Gravy?” Speakeasy posted to Facebook on a Friday morning and instantly got comments. One fan mentioned they could watch the video all day. Speakeasy then boosted the post with a budget of $10, and things started to take off. Saturday was a big day for Speakeasy. People were coming in because of the ad. The owner, Michael Carpenter, texted me “This kinda blew up. Had a great Saturday. Biggest thing is it converted into sales. Numerous people came in saying this video is what brought them.” Doing $500 more in sales than on an average day. Digital marketing does not have to be hard or expensive. Take time to look at your business and find your gravy.? ?