I went to college late after serving in the US Navy, hoping to work as a 3D animator in film. My alma mater, Arkansas Tech University, did not have the computers or classes at the time to fulfill my vision. We were still using Power PC Macs with OS9, so big graphic animation computers were not  readily available in  places outside of Hollywood. My advisor suggested I get a traditional art degree to learn the basics; painting and sculpture were my majors. 

I soon volunteered for the campus TV News station and became an anchor. Using all of my electives to study broadcasting and production, I learned how to edit video reel-to-reel and run graphics for the news with a NewTek Toaster. 


Looking at my resume on LinkedIn, you can tell I have had a few jobs. All were creative, from marketing and promotions to TV production and print design. I even had a tech start-up in 2008, Station X. It would be a TV station on the internet. We spent a year building out a team and testing the concepts. Out of that, we had some success, even got big-name sponsors, and traveled to do our show LIVE on the internet in 2008! Without funding, I could not keep it going. after

Since then, I have tried over years to make content on the web with varying levels of success.

I had all but given up on my dream until the 2020 pandemic. Video was taking off, and this was my chance. I scrounged my old production gear, built a live-streaming studio in my shed, and started experimenting. 


I found my tribe in the Ecamm community. Ecamm is a Mac only software that turns your Mac into a LIVE TV Studio. It was fun, and all the years of TV production came back to me; I still had the skills. I was asked to be a part of a show, and The Stream Show with Strick and Brant was born. 


We went live every Sunday night and got the free gear, sponsors, and a bit of cash. It was fun but was not scaling, and it was not enough money to fund the two of us, so I bowed out. I went dark for about a year, trying different things, doing the research, and planning my come back. 

At this time, I also got a new job as a Content Creator for the Central Arkansas Library. With all the testing and research, I knew what gear to purchase and how to set it up. I built a live-streaming studio in about three months and started producing podcasts and TikToks.

I love the team here and my job, but I still want to crack the code to online success. After many logo ideas and too many domain names to count, I decided on a new approach: no business name or office, no huge studios with tons of gear. I will be me; no more trying to find my niche or hack the algorithm. I will use the tools and skills I have to hopefully create content that will inspire, educate and entertain. 


My mission is simple. To build a six-figure income using my creativity and skills regardless of location. Some will be freelance work, some will be sponsors, and some will profit from my own intellectual property (IP). It will be remote, or I may have to travel, but at 52, I need to get started now. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow along, learn with me, and let’s build together, but most of all, let’s have some fun!