Maximize Reach With Out-of-Home and Facebook Campaigns


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Great article from Facebook on how OOH Advertising and Facebook campaign used together can reach a broader and younger audience.


Learning To Fail And Try Again

Always moving forward, we forget to look back on our past success and failures. Ten years ago, I spent a year of my life trying to launch an Internet startup. I was way too early and could not get the funding I needed. Feeling like a failure, I never looked back until a few weeks ago.  Click image for full article My idea was simple. Video on the Internet was beginning to grow, and could I use my knowledge on TV broadcasting to make my mark? The technology was new, exciting, and expensive. After a year of business plans and consultants, we asked for the million-dollar deal. The answer was no. The people I was looking to for “permission” said video on the Internet would never be popular much less make money. Ten years later, I can tell you they were wrong. I too was wrong for quitting on myself letting others tell me it could not be done or was I? Maybe I needed to grow, learn more, and wait for technology to catch up? Perhaps it’s time to dust off the ideas of the past and see how they look today.

Gravy Drives Sales on Facebook

I was hired by Speakeasy Cafe & Coffee to take some new food photography and some video so they could update their social media. The shot I made sure to get was a slow-motion pour of gravy over a biscuit sandwich. I decided to edit the clip as a short loop the client could use as a Facebook Ad or Instagram post. Suggesting the title “Do you Gravy?” Speakeasy posted to Facebook on a Friday morning and instantly got comments. One fan mentioned they could watch the video all day. Speakeasy then boosted the post with a budget of $10, and things started to take off. Saturday was a big day for Speakeasy. People were coming in because of the ad. The owner, Michael Carpenter, texted me “This kinda blew up. Had a great Saturday. Biggest thing is it converted into sales. Numerous people came in saying this video is what brought them.” Doing $500 more in sales than on an average day. Digital marketing does not have to be hard or expensive. Take time to look at your business and find your gravy.? ?

Vlog #002

Taking my client, Dogwood Hills Guest Farm, to the local Goodmorning Arkansas set for a cooking segment at KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas. *Some audio issues due to a bad connection.* Shot on iPhone XR: Mic:… Rig: Tripod:… Edited on a Mac with:…

Esports And Betting

I’m so intrigued with Esports and it’s potential. I’ve met a few people in the industry and done a bunch of research. I’m keeping an eye on you Esports. ?As one of the fastest growing categories in online gambling, esports betting is on pace to reach up to $8 billion USD in total wagers this year?” Kevin Wimer Tweet


Vlog #001

Shot and edited on iPhone XR and Adobe Rush. Also used FilmiC Pro for iPhone. Rush is pretty new but able to add title, transitions and color correction/filters. I like FimiC Pro for more control over the camera settings and visible audio meters, but not easy to switch from rear to front camera like the native app. Will try a few more apps for the camera. Rush comes with my Abobe subscription so will stick with it for editing.

Facebook Image Sizes and Dimensions Cheat Sheet

There are a lot of image sizes and settings to remember in Facebook. Thanks to this is a great tool from Techwyse you don’t have to.


The Time For Video Is Now

With 5G on the way and phones getting more and more processing power, video is growing. Do you have a plan for video marketing?


Google Analytics

Everyone talks about Big Data. Companies like Wal-Mart and Amazon know everything about you, not to mention Google. To Google?s credit, they do offer us all a free way to do the same. Google Analytics is a free service and you can connect to your website for free. I just launched my website and wanted to share my analytics with you. I?ll share along the way of how I am tweaking the site and content to perform better. Below is a report from my first week. All I have done is share on Facebook and LinkedIn.

7 Video Trends That Will Dominate In 2019

Digital Agency Branex shared a great infographic on video trends for 2019. Video on the web is just getting started.? From selling products and services to Q&A and training courses, video on the web is not slowing down. Do you have a video plan??