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TikTok Ya Don’t Stop no comments

More and more social platforms are adding video and paying influencers to take on the current social media darling TikTok. Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts are two examples of companies “borrowing” ideas from TikTok. So how does TikTok respond? Longer Videos.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out the option to create longer videos to everyone on TikTok, giving our global community the flexibility to film, upload, and edit videos up to three minutes in length directly within TikTok. Once ready, you’ll get a notification that longer videos are now part of your creative toolbox.

It will be interesting to see how this affects usage of the platform. You can read the full press release below.

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The Dream Stream no comments

This week on the Dream Stream, we’re talking about Zuckerberg taking a shot at Apple, WWDC News, our Reliance on Tech and more! Of course, we’re hanging out with the community, and looking forward to hearing your wins, your questions, and just getting to bring the community together each week!

//This week’s special guests are:

* Tiffany Day…

* Marielou Mandl

* Dean Reynolds…

* Brant Collins

* Paddy McGill…

* Dan Holloway…

* DJ Strick

* Jason T. Lewis…

* Paul Thomson…

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