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Learning To Fail And Try Again

Always moving forward, we forget to look back on our past success and failures. Ten years ago, I spent a year of my life trying to launch an Internet startup. I was way too early and could not get the funding I needed. Feeling like a failure, I never looked back until a few weeks ago. 

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My idea was simple. Video on the Internet was beginning to grow, and could I use my knowledge on TV broadcasting to make my mark? The technology was new, exciting, and expensive. After a year of business plans and consultants, we asked for the million-dollar deal. The answer was no. The people I was looking to for “permission” said video on the Internet would never be popular much less make money. Ten years later, I can tell you they were wrong. I too was wrong for quitting on myself letting others tell me it could not be done or was I? Maybe I needed to grow, learn more, and wait for technology to catch up? Perhaps it’s time to dust off the ideas of the past and see how they look today.

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