Reigniting the Indie Filmmaking Spirit: A Personal Journey with AI

As a 4th grader, I made my first foray into the world of filmmaking, creating a Super 8mm film with my cousin. Filled with DIY in-camera effects and an authentic UFO crafted from Christmas lights, this film was the starting point of my love for cinema. It was not just about directing the scenes; I was also deeply interested in creating the special effects and props that brought the story to life.

Fast forward a few years, after serving in the Navy, I pursued higher education to dive deeper into my filmmaking passion. The year was 1993, and I had a keen interest in learning 3D effects for movies. Unfortunately, my school, like many others at the time, didn’t have the necessary computing resources. My adviser suggested a different path: to learn art and sculpture and grasp the basics. The idea was that once I had the fundamental concepts down, I could learn the computer programs needed to create those 3D effects. I decided to take their advice and spent my electives learning video production, shooting, and editing video.

Shortly after college, I entered the world of TV and video production became my career. When I met my wife, who was also a video producer, we collaborated on two films for the 48-hour film festival and even won some awards. However, as time went by, life took over, and my filmmaking dreams slowly took a back seat.

But the fire never completely died out. Now, at 53, I’m ready to rekindle that passion. Equipped with years of experience, more accessible and affordable equipment, AI technology, and free studio-level 3D software like Blender, I’m set to dive back into the indie filmmaking world. But this time, I’m not just dipping my toes in—I’m jumping headfirst.

From concept to scripts, props to acting, I’m committed to doing it all for my upcoming short film. It’s an ambitious project, a one-man venture into the captivating realm of sci-fi, a genre I deeply love.

I invite you to join me on this journey as I reignite my indie filmmaking spirit. I’ll share the process, the insights, the challenges, and the triumphs. Let’s embark on this adventure together, and as we go, let’s make a movie!

Brant Collins is an Indie Media Producer embracing the indie spirit that values authenticity, individuality, and genuine creativity. All content on this platform represents his opinions. This post was co-created with the assistance of ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, and MidJourney AI, a generative AI tool that enhances the process of content creation.

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